James Adrian

July 1, 2023


      Reasons for hope are everywhere, and everywhere ignored. This article will present some interesting reminders that may help steer the culture toward a better path.

      The aim, of course, is to share information that can make a positive difference. What has been done? What are people working on? What is possible to do and yet not pursued? What difference does this all make to the way we bring up our children?

      Many kinds of encouragement are more realistic and achievable than widely thought.

      The articles at Future Beacon and its yet unpublished research is part of the story. The continuing information provided by readers like you is another part. Together, we have every expectation that this series will be interesting.

      Subscribing is free, and our series begins with item A1, and continues:

Separation Paradigm

Abundant Energy

Remote Viewing

Friendly Space People

Low Energy Nuclear



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