James Adrian
January 15, 2024

      Often people feel it is difficult to understand bad acts and forgive them. They also usually believe that forgiveness takes time.

      Time is not a factor, except on a very short time scale, like the momentary shock of being physically injured. You don't need time to change your mind or realize a truth or anything like that. You see it or you don't. If it is not clear, don't start waiting. Start realizing. Notice your feelings.

      When you see a bad act, it can be felt with blame and sorrow and all sorts of pain. The more of that is placed in your obsolete history of reactions, the clearer it is that you are watching a common occurrence that is explained and known and may be acted upon for reasons unique to it.

      You are watching events and contemplating how they happened and what they mean. You are not being stabbed in your offense center. Know the world and forgive bad actors, because they do not perceive having been given a choice.

      All of humanity's transgressions are done in ignorance, where the transgressor is misled. We ought to lament the tragedy of the perpetrators just as much as we do the results of their misdeeds.

      The evil forces are not people.

      See it all.


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