Health Investigators
January 6, 2024

      For most of our lives, extreme muscle weakness is not known to us. Imagine standing at a kitchen sink and washing a single dish. In extreme muscle weakness, this amount of activity can cause actual exhaustion. With or without cancer (and with or without another serious disease), this level of weakness has been reported shortly before death in people over 90 years old. It has also been reported in people a couple of decades younger, some of whom recovered from this level of muscular weakness and exhaustion.

      There is possibly no unique cause for extreme muscle weakness, but one possible cause is very interesting.

      The human body makes a large number of substances from substances already made by the body, from the food we eat, from the environment, and from our muscular activity. While we are young, these substance are made in amounts that are appropriate and effective; but some of them are produced in lesser amounts as we approach retirement age.

      Despite these reductions, our medical systems (in cultures around the world) do not commonly advocate supplementing these substances. Search engines publish articles having opposite views on whether Taurine (made by the body) should be regarded a life-saving vitamin. The United States medial establishment prefers Chemotherapy over any effort to increase the presence of Macrophages. These Macrophages are made by the body to dissolve tumors. The amount of these two substances (and many others) is typically less in older people compared to the amounts present in the young.

      Taurine can be purchased at Amazon.com.

      Tumorous cancer cells react to Macrophages by producing Nagalase, which inhibits the body's ability to produce Macrophages. You can get a blood test for Nagalase. Zink combats Nagalase, but what is needed is an organization that manufactures Macrophage Activation Factor and delivers it to people testing positive for Nagalase or otherwise showing symptoms of a tumorous cancer.

      Japan opposes the hiding of this most important cancer cure and now sells Microphage Activation Factor online here.

      In view of the bias of some heal-care vendors, how can the full truth be discerned about vitamins made by the body and other substances made by the body? Something must be done to prevent deficiencies caused only by being over fifty.

      Your help in finding organizations like The American Association of Nutritional Consultants can be at least as helpful as searches for names of body-made vitamins and other body-made substances.

      We need to form an organization that is especially devoted to solving this public-information deficit.


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