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The Military Med Bed
The future of healing via
QUANTUM Technology
James H. Mallik
May 23, 2023

      There are many technologies out there that are currently available to the public. Some of these include the iTeraCare Classic Blower by Wellness Solutions, the Energy enhancement System (EESystem) and the 90.10 Med Bed.

      For over 50 years, the Secret Space Program (SSP) has been using and perfecting this technology. But what exactly is a Med Bed? What are the capabilities of this technology? There are many technologies out there that go by the same name or similar forms of the Med Bed name. Clearing things up, this is not the Military Med Bed. So we all have a clear understanding of the other technologies available, most, if not all of these alternative technologies have a price tag to use them. Such as the 90.10 Med Bed (also referred to as the medicine bed, or the quantum healing Medicine Bed). This is by no means the Military Med Bed. While yes, the Military Med Bed uses Quantum healing technology, this technology is capable of way more than what technologies such as the 90.10 Med Bed are capable of.

      Skye Prince, who claims to have been involved with the SSP, has been on the front lines of revealing this healing technology to the public. The accuracy of her information is unknown, however, other sources such as Restored Republic Via A GCR, Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, and many others have also mentioned the existence of this technology.

What exactly is the Military Med Bed capable of?

      Complete healing of all diseases - Cancer, Aids, fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Polio, etc. You won’t be treated, but rather completely cured by this technology - regeneration of cells, organs, limbs and other body parts. This technology is capable of completely regenerating and restoring your body to the maximum health possible. This also means that if you lost a limb or have had plastic surgery, the technology is able of completely regenerating and restoring every aspect of your body as if you always had it. Regeneration of hair and teeth - Yes. You can regenerate and restore your hair and teeth. You can have the perfect teeth you always wanted. You can also change your hair color, growth and style. You can restore eye sight and hearing. This technology is capable of completely restoring your sight to 20/20 vision and better. You can also restore your hearing. You will be able to see and hear better than you are currently capable of. It will give you the body you always wanted. This technology is capable of giving you the body you have always wanted and dreamed of.

Changing your height

      You can change your height. This option requires approval before you are able to change your height. The approval rate may be much higher than other capabilities.

Age Regression

      You can certainly regress your age up to 30 years and up to 3 times. This does require approval beforehand including counseling prior and post treatment. In the current understanding by many, this option may have a very low approval rate. Estimated at about 3-5% of cases. While the Med Bed can already help you with increasing your lifespan, this option is available for special circumstances. This option has not yet been perfected, which means that after the 3rd time of regressing your age, brain cells begin to die and cause other problems including, but not limited to, dementia, loss of memory, and loss of brain function.

Downloading of skills and other languages

      While you do have the option to download new skills, or perfect the ones you currently have, it is advised that you only download what you will need and use during your journey. There is no point in downloading every skill or language available if you are not going to use them.

Restore and improve memory function

      This technology will restore all of your memory, mental disabilities, and impairments. This technology is capable of curing mental disabilities and impairments such as autism, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and more. See below for more on the assisting of mental health by the use of the Military Med Bed technology.

What can the Military Med Bed NOT do?

      While the Military Med Bed has many functions and abilities, there are a few limitations. These limitations are not on the physical side, but more on the spiritual and mental side of things. While the Med Bed is able to assist in increasing your vibration, assist in the reduction of depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and suppression of memories, it is not a way to cheat your way through life. At some point you will have to face those problems and do the spiritual work. The Med Beds are only a tool to assist you. This technology is not meant to do things for you. We as individuals have the personal responsibility to better ourselves and improve our way of living.

What is the process of getting into a Military Med Bed?

      When this technology is available, every country will have a dedicated number to call for an appointment. Before entering into a Med Bed, during the initial phone call, you will be scheduled for a consultation where you will have a full body scan. This will allow the Quantum computer to create a file of everything that is wrong with you. After the full body scan, a member of the Military will discuss with you the results and this will provide the opportunity to request what you want and don’t want done during the actual Med Bed treatment. In some cases, based on the results, you may need to have multiple healing sessions . These sessions can range from a simple five minute process to one that can last up to 15 hours, based on the severity of your results. By the end of the consultation, you will be place on a list in the Quantum computer. More serious illnesses will be placed higher on the list while less severe cases will be placed closer to the bottom of the list. The Quantum computer will automatically place you on the list based on your results and individual case. Since the Quantum computer is handling the list, this means there is no intervention possible nor conflict of interest. Anyone and everyone, no matter your status in society, will have equal opportunity to use this technology.

      As of the writing of this post, we still don’t yet have any information on availability of the Military Med Beds. With what we currently know, this technology will be available after the announcement of NESARA/GESARA and the Quantum Financial System (QFS). Since this technology will be 100% FREE to the general public, funding needs to be available through the QFS beforehand. When the Med Beds become available, the White Hat Military will be in control of the deployment and use of this technology in order to avoid it being abused. This technology will be available in specialized centers run by the military and in the foreseeable future, the military will hand down the technology to us for use in Med Bed and Healing Centers.

      The Military Med Beds are capable of so much more than what was shared. For a full list of the Med Bed functionality, PrepareForChange has more detailed info. I do want to mention that this article is from 2021 and since then, there has been further information shared regarding the beds themselves. While this information is extremely recent (as of May 19 2023), and has not been confirmed by multiple sources other than Skye Prince herself, it is still worth sharing. Previously, the info shared stated that the Military Med Beds would be available for public use within 6-8 months after funding is available. This has since been changed. Now, from the recent info shared and from my understanding, once funding is available, within 6-8 weeks (not months), the public will be notified by the White Hat military of the existence of the technology. Around 6-8 weeks after public acknowledgement and disclosure of the technology, the Med Beds will be available for public use. Additionally, the treatment timeframe also seems to have changed. Previously, depending on your individual case, the treatment period in the bed ranged from around a simple 5 minute session to about 15 hours or so. In rare cases, there will be more than one session. With the recent info shared, now it seems that this new generation of beds that are being developed can range between a 20 second treatment to around 3-7 hours. As for the need for multiple sessions, it has not been referenced in this updated information; so its still likely that more than one session may be needed if you have a need for it based on your scan.

      I did want to mention yet one more type of Med Bed. While in the process of writing this short post, I stumbled upon a video by Aurora Ray. It is titled "The Medical Pods -Ascension Of Earth And All Life Forms Is Imminent" which goes into great detail on yet another type of Med Bed. This video goes into great detail on how this technology works and it sounds very promising. The question that might arise from this is “Is this the Military Med Bed?” My personal view is, I am really not sure. However, the video seems to confirm a lot of the information shared above, along with other info not referenced here. So maybe it is, maybe it's not. What I can say is, as we get closer to the final chapter of this movie, we will all be receiving more information on all suppressed technologies. Its best to take this information with an open mind and with a grain of salt.


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