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James Adrian
      In the United States of America, for more than 100 years, citizens have been less healthy than medical science could facilitate. Well-meaning medical practitioners have been trapped in a corrupt system.

      In the early 1900s, a massive purge of food education occurred in medical schools throughout America. The curative value of herbs, spices, vitamins, and minerals has been suppressed in favor of patented drugs. See the history here:


Fenbendazole Delayed

      Since 2016, websites have been reporting the discovery of cancer-curing fenbendazole. This was known to some in the pharmaceutical business at least thirty years ago. The unprofitability of promoting a substance that is out of patent and very inexpensive to make, together with the substantial profitability of existing solutions such as chemotherapy, has steered the pharmaceutical industry away from this genuine wonder drug. Here are some cancer survivor stories:


      Fenbendazole has some amazing properties:

1) Fenbendazole binds to tubulin, a structural protein in microtubules. This creates a blockage in these tiny tubes (unique to cancer cells), preventing the removal of waste products, and preventing the intake of nutrients. The uptake of glucose (the sole energy source of parasites and cancers) is shut down. By blocking the microtubular network of cancer cells, fenbendazole blocks their energy supply and destroys them.

2) Fenbendazole further reduces the glucose uptake of cancer cells by downregulating what are called GLUT transporters. These are proteins that deliver glucose molecules one by one across cell membranes.

3) Fenbendazole increases the activity of P53 tumor suppressor genes.

4) Fenbendazole acts as a kinase inhibitor, which helps block the formation of new blood vessels necessary for tumors to survive.

      Here are some links that may be of interest:

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Joe Tippens originally spilled the beans - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCOODjrJhRQ&t=7s

Here is a good source of fenbendazole: https://www.fenbenlab.com.

Vitamins D and K2 Opposed

      Clif High, in his October 2, 2021 video mentioned that a blood level of 22 ng/ml of vitamin D is insufficient, and rickets is the result. It is shown here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/F0YiYRG8hYkO/

      Nobody has shown up at any hospital with the covid virus while their vitamin D was at least 50 ng/ml.

      We now know that nobody has ever shown up with colon cancer with a blood level of 90 ng/ml of vitamin D, and that Native American people having 120 ng/ml of vitamin D don't get stomach cancer.

      There was a period between 1915 and 1927 when governments instructed food processors to include vitamin D in a wide variety of foods. Germans and others included it in beer. It was through beer that it was discovered that even 100,000 iu of vitamin D did not make people sick. In this period, various common illnesses became too rare to support the pharmaceutical industry to the extent to which it had become accustomed.

      A virus might be more deadly than another virus, provided it infects you; however, it is impossible for a virus to be more contagious than any other virus. It must find a cell that is RECEPTIVE (weak enough to let in the virus) and that is also PERMISSIVE (lets the virus replicate within it). All viruses have this same hurdle to overcome. They must find a receptive and permissive cell to infect.

      In addition to vitamin deficiencies, depression and stress can increase the number of cells that are receptive and permissive.

      If your immune system thoroughly blocks a common virus, it just as effectively blocks ebola or any other virus, no matter how severely weaponized that virus may be.

      In the 1920s, the pharmaceutical companies made an effort to convince governments to discontinue widespread inclusion of vitamin D in food. To this day, pharmaceutical companies advise doctors not to recommend what they regard as high doses of vitamin D. It was and is simply bad for business. With the help of the Tavistock Institute, vitamin D opposition was very effective and public health suffered greatly. The mindset of the pharmaceutical industry has not changed. It prefers to sell what "treats" or cures specific illnesses rather than to make people immune to any given illness.

      Today, there are many articles on the Internet written by doctors who say that 10,000 iu is too much for anybody. The argument is that it can place more calcium in your blood and do damage to your kidneys. That is scary. This ignores that Vitamin K2 (not K1) removes calcium from the blood and places it in the bones and the teeth. It also prevents hardening of the arteries by clearing the circulatory system of excess calcium.

      The farming industry, under the influence of globalists, has changed what animals are fed so that they do not produce vitamin K2. As a result, most people are very deficient in vitamin K2. K1 and K2 are commonly conflated and the general public thinks it is all just about clotting.

      There are two valuable forms of vitamin K2 and both should be used. They are mk-7 and mk-4. In places around the world that are not making K2 scarce in food (like rural India and rural Africa) people almost always have relatively wrinkle-free faces, no cavities in their teeth, no buildup of calcium in their blood stream or their heart, no osteoporosis, and children born with symmetrical faces. Vitamin K2 actually heals dental cavities. This is all due to vitamin K2.

      Vitamin K2 is found in animal products, provided that the animals are fed vegetation containing vitamin K1. Vegetation does not contain vitamin K2 unless it is fermented. Sauerkraut and Natto (fermented soybeans) are examples. Cheese can contain vitamin k2 like any dairy product, but only if the cows eat things containing vitamin k1, like grass.

      Determining what amount of vitamin D supplement to take is not easy if you want to be exact about it. You first need to find out how much blood you have in your system. The online estimates based on gender, hight, and weight are not very accurate. Also, it is not necessary to be very accurate. Vitamin D supplements are usually sold in 2000, 5000, and 10,000 iu. A very small person would not be harmed if they took 10,000 iu if they also took vitamin K2, while 10,000 iu is very effective for a normally built man of a hight of six feet. Such a man would not be harmed by taking 15,000 iu, again with vitamin K2.

      Dr. John Whitcomb provides an excellent explanation of vitamin K2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsrP0oTReHI

      This source is one of a few that states how it is made and offers 600 microgram pills. I take 600 micrograms twice per day:


Vitamin E

      Website recommendations concerning vitamin E vary considerably today in 2022. Also, they are different from years ago. Speculating on motives invites controversy if not litigiousness, so I will convey my personal experience without naming names.

      I once came down with bradycardia. That's Latin for slow heart. I exercised at full tilt, sweating and reading figures on a YMCA machine. Suddenly, feeing not so great, I continued for a while noticing that my measured heart rate had gone down from about 110 beats per minute to just under 40. Later that day, I was diagnosed with bradycardia.

      I reasoned that some nerve or two must not be getting whatever it needed. I increased my daily intake of vitamin E from 500 international units to 1500 international units. Four months later, I had no bradycardia.

      To explain why I chose to increase my intake of vitamin E, I will tell you something told to me by a doctor who I knew as a friend about three decades ago:

      A large number of dogs (It may have been 100) were each operated on to clamp off one of the blood vessels feeding the heart. This was just to diminish (not stop) the capability of the heart. I suppose it might be called a mild heat attack. No dog died of that procedure. Then half of them were given an elevated amount of vitamin E in their food while the other half had the same food except without the extra vitamin E. After enough time for healing, all the dogs were sacrificed and each were given an autopsy.

      Whenever there is this kind of blockage, the body naturally grows one or more new blood vessels. This new source of blood is called a natural bypass. The dogs that were given extra vitamin E had about four times the natural bypass around the clamp than did the dogs that were not given the extra vitamin E.

      This story was told to me to make the point that what vitamin E is for is getting blood to where it is needed.

      Knowing this, I went searching for information about the maximum safe dose of vitamin E. A government website said that any healthy adult could safely take 1500 international units per day. This was confirmed by another website, but even then there were some authors warning against supplementing the vitamin at all, let alone at such an amount. I don't take blood thinners, so that was not an issue. I found that the warnings came from a philosophy and not an experiment.

      Several sites repeated a story about giving a pig too much vitamin E. It could cause a lot of internal bleeding and death. These sites never said how much vitamin E would be needed to produce death. They did, however, tend to support the theory that what vitamin E is for is getting blood where it is needed.

      Nowadays, there are many sites that say that one should take either no vitamin E (in the event that your diet is a good one) or 15 international units. I take 1500 international units as I have for years. That is quite a difference.

Chlorine Dioxide

      The FDA called Chlorine Dioxide "a poisonous bleach" to discourage its use. Its chemical formula is different from any bleach and it has nothing to do with chlorine bleach. This was done because it competes with very many remedies sold by the pharmaceutical industry. There were even mainstream TV news broadcasts that repeated this lie. As reported here, "Chlorine dioxide is proven to be highly effective against fungi, viruses, bacteria, spores and protozoa, both in laboratory and in real world settings. To date no pathogenic micro-organism tested against chlorine dioxide has proven resistant."

      This substance is not under patent and it is very inexpensive. It can cure malaria in one day and remove your toe fungus. The uses are extremely many. The links below tell the whole story:

Free Book and Video - https://theuniversalantidote.com

Chlorine Dioxide Blocks Spike Proteins - https://www.afinalwarning.com/551967.html

The Universal Antidote - https://rumble.com/c/c-537305

Nicotinic Acid

      Nicotinic Acid is a precursor to niacinamide, which is vitamin B3. In your blood stream, the conversion of nicotinic acid to vitamin B3 causes a flush. If you take enough of it, your skin will turn red. This may be uncomfortable, but it is not hazardous. In the process, it erodes the plaque in your arteries and veins. An MRI both before and after a few years of taking this form of vitamin B3 shows the effect of reducing plaque. In one recorded case, the plaque around the heart was alarming, but after 500 mg/day for five years, the amount of plaque became negligible (to the amazement of allopathic witnesses).

      Most doctors have been persuaded by pharmaceutical representatives that satin drugs are preferable. This is certainly incorrect and ill motivated.

Macrophage Activation Factor

      Dr. Nobutu Yamamoto discovered a Macrophage Activation Factor (called MAF) in 1990 at the Socrates Institute in Philadelphia. It is also called DBP-MAF. DBP stands for Vitamin D Binding Protein.

      England and a few other places manufactured MAF. They were reportedly shut down through the application of violent threats made by the American pharmaceutical industry together with the FDA. There are reports that some doctors were murdered. Apparently, we face a criminal syndicate protecting patented medications and ineffective chemotherapies.

      If you have enough Macrophage in your system, cancerous tumors cannot survive, even if you are very old. This is an example of curing cancer by amplifying the characteristics of your immune system.

      Tumorous cancer cells react to Macrophages by producing Nagalase, which inhibits the body's ability to produce Macrophages. You can get a blood test for Nagalase. Zink combats Nagalase, but what is needed is an American organization that manufactures Macrophage Activation Factor and delivers it to people testing positive for Nagalase or otherwise showing symptoms of a tumorous cancer.

      Japan opposes the hiding of this most important cancer cure and now sells Microphage Activation Factor online here:


      Here are additional informative links:

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Ivermectin as a Cancer Cure

      Ivermecting's patent expiation date is April 22, 2024. It has been found to address many cancers. Unlike Fenbendazole and Macrophage Activation Factor, it is not limited to stopping cancers that produce tumors. Cancers like leukemia are also treated successfully by ivermectin.

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From Dr. Jane Ruby:

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Rediscovered Herb Artemisinin

      Artemisinin is a natural substance that cures all kinds of cancers, but some states outlaw any cancer treatment other that surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Dr. Len Saputo explains here:

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Here is a source:

Super Smart Artemisinin

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