Goodness Investigators
Goodness Investigators
January 2, 2024

      People who call themselves Goodness Investigators are interested in compiling and disseminating information about feelings. They need not make themselves publicly known, but they may. It is their decision. They are not asked to contribute money, but to express their ideas and concerns to the other investigators by email and sometimes Zoom Meetings. (There is no cost to the Goodness Investigators.) They are encouraged to report findings to people they are close to, but again, this is up to them.

      There are some fundamental realizations that prompted this effort. Few understand that feelings are developed mostly through experience well after birth. We are not born with resentment, envy, hatred, or an awareness of how musical symphonies, oil paintings, and literature can create unique feelings that are new to the world. Some people return to a country or a special place just to stand and watch in the hope of recapturing a feeling that they once discovered there.

      Is it possible that the destructive features of our cultures could be attenuated through a more widespread understanding of feelings? Did we inherit our destructive feelings from many barbaric centuries? Are there methods that can purge destructive feelings from our reactions? The answer to each of these questions is "Yes."

      The project has value for everybody, from public safety to personal tranquility, regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs.

      Here are some articles that you may find valuable over time: https://www.futurebeacon.org/anger.htm https://www.thetempleofthehigherself.org https://www.futurebeacon.org/Why%20Forgive%20an%20Assassin.htm https://www.futurebeacon.org/goodness.htm https://www.thetempleofthehigherself.org/page2.htm


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